Lasik Proceedures

Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis AThe eyes are one of the most important parts of the body. It gives us the sense of sight in order for us to see our surroundings. The eyes work the same as a camera. Every part of the eyes contributes to the clarity of our vision. Imagine the eye as a camera with a lens cover. The cornea receives the reflection of light and then bends it into the pupil. The pupil is the round dark colored opening in the middle of the colored iris.

Both the pupil and the iris work similar to a camera's aperture. The lens is responsible in focusing the light rays in the retina behind the eye. This is the part which becomes blurred when a person has cataract. The retina has millions of small nerve cells which can sense light. They are called cones and nods. The cones are focused in the middle of macula. The cones are capable of detecting different colors and details. The rods can extend beyond the outer part of the retina which allows us to see our peripherals. It can also help the eyes to identify movements and be able to see at night time. The light rays are then converted into electrical impulses by the cells in the retina. The electric impulses created are then passed to the brains by the optic nerve which creates the image we see. The health of the different part of the eye dictates the clarity of our vision. Sometimes there are many factors affecting the quality of our vision which leads us to wear an eyeglass or contact lenses.

There are other surgical procedures which can treat different kinds of eye disorders. One of the breakthroughs in treating eye disorders is through Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis or commonly known as LASIK. This is a method of surgical procedure capable of correcting eye problems with a large margin of success rate. LASIK became a very popular method of treatment because patients need not suffer from pain brought about by common surgical procedures. Patients see the results in a such a short time. LASIK procedure is best for astigmatism, nearsighted, farsighted and many other problems. If you have an eye problem and have decided to undergo LASTIK surgery, it is very important to choose the right LASTIK surgeon. This is a crucial decision because it is a surgery and if done improperly it will affect your life or you might even lose your eyesight permanently. So be careful in choosing the surgeon for your LASTIK surgery.

A lot of refractive surgeons promote or advertise their centers through daily newspapers, television, radio and print ads. No matter how good their ads, never base your decisions solely on their slogans and marketing employs. It is best to ask the surgeon his or her affiliations whether it with medical schools, hospitals or a medical company which is known for its specialty in such procedure. A good consideration is to choose a surgeon which have affiliations with academic medical centers because they more update on new methods of surgery. Surgeons who are members of the Fellow of the American College of Surgeons are known to be among the best. Some surgeons might mislead you with claims that they have been doing such surgery for more than 15 years. Think again because LASTIK surgery has only been introduced recently. You may also ask for some referrals from your optometrist. You may also inquire through phone calls and ask for more detailed information on their method of surgery.

When you have a shortlist of your prospect surgeon, you may ask several more questions to the surgeons when you have an appointment. This will be the best opportunity to ask all questions you want related to the surgery.