Lasik surgery- a boon or a curse?

Lasik surgery- a boon VEver heard of Lasik surgery? Duh... I guess it’s become a very well-known term for the masses. At the heart of it all, the Lasik procedure conducted on the eyes for correcting its vision disabilities like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Eyes are the most fundamental component of our face which helps in demonstrating the condition of our mind through them. Eyes are additionally the most touchy piece of our body which are effortlessly get influenced by maturing. Few of the main causes which affect the vision of our eyes are the heavy stress, improper diet routine, more exposure to gadgets, hectic life schedules and more. These issues also reduce the natural beauty of our eyes by causing it more prone to the issues like dark circles, wrinkles near the eyes, puffiness and more.

Hence these days, every other person is wearing spectacles or contact lenses as he or she is suffering from a vision problem. Whereas glasses or contact lenses may also cause some discomfort in the daily routine so one of the easiest and fastest mean which will give you a freedom from those nerdy glasses and itching lenses is to go through the Lasik surgery. The other main factor that has a great deal of effect on our eyes is the screens. However, as the technology is constantly developing, nowadays we can see some corporations making unquestionable effort to protect our eyes. For instance, in the online gaming sector, software providers like Microgaming has taken steps towards minimizing the presence of blue light, and damaging visual elements. That’s important to note considering that many online casino players have been provided a safe way of entertainment, even when they happen to watch a screen of their phone or computer for several hours. Lasik surgery is one of the recent inventions of science which offers the benefits like a painless procedure and helps in correcting the vision effectively. But there is always a hidden cost which has to be paid for having something good. Likewise, as it is termed as one of the most useful inventions of the time it also comes with lots of risks involved with laser surgery.

In spite of its good success rate in America and Europe which is reported around 90-95%, The risks involved while undergoing through the procedure are like Epithelial in-growth which implies a blurred vision and the slight discomfort in seeing , May cause unstable vision as the procedure may worsen your case of vision, may result in flap complications as there may be wrinkle in flap which may also result in additional surgery to remove the flap, may regress your eyesight after procedure with time, may cause an eye diseases called as keratoconus, if a proper post-operative care is not done then it may cause in some severe eye infections to you, Dryness in the eyes which may be temporary and may go after few days, inflammation in the cornea after surgery which is termed as Diffuse lamellar keratitis and more.

Hence not every person out there is considered as a suitable fit for the laser surgery as if you are pertains to the below mentioned conditions than it is best advised that not to go for the surgery as it may cause some server issues to you like if you are pregnant, if you are suffering from an autoimmune problem, if you have large pupils, if you have very thin corneas, if you are aged or have crossed 45 years of age as the eyes keep on changing their abilities with the age, if you have too dry eyes, if you have high refractive error in your eyes and more.